Who we are



Hermark Culture is committed to developing the careers of dynamic,

innovative musicians and artists in China.






What we do



As a growing creative company established in 2011, we specialize in orchestral touring
and the development of innovative projects of all kinds.





Our aim



We aim to provide long-term advice, guidance and practical support
to enable artists to achieve their potential in China.









We take a flexible approach to providing services to artists, working closely with concert halls,
theatres, music festivals, embassies, media organisations and local cultural institutions.
We generate sponsorship for the arts in China and embrace the educational
and outreach opportunities required to foster an active Chinese music culture.






Contact us




+86 10 57538205 / 57538206




Room 204, Building No.1, 77 Cultural & Creative Park,

No.77rd Art Museum Backstreet,

Dongcheng District, Beijing, China (100010)




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